Butonal® 5126 X

Butonal® 5126 X is a mechanically stable latex polymer dispersion that can be readily pre-blended into hot bitumen in order to meet modified binder specifications and to provide improvements in conventional properties, such as a higher softening point and lower penetration.

It can also be used to modify hot mix asphalt at the mixing plant via

a)    direct addition to the pug mill (batch HMA plant) following bitumen addition, or

b)    injection into the bitumen line prior to entering the drum (continuous HMA plant).

The viscosity is temporarily reduced by foaming the hot bitumen with the small amount of water contained in the dispersion. This is advantageous when mixing the asphalt.

Butonal® 5126 X greatly enhances hot mix asphalt performance, including the production of performance-graded asphalts. Modification with these elastomers widens the asphalt’s useful temperature interval to improve resistance to rutting at high temperatures. The resulting binder also displays superb resilience to improve the pavement’s fatigue behavior, while diminishing any wear-induced cracking.

All of these performance benefits are attained easily as Butonal® 5126 X is readily dispersible into the asphalt with no need for high shear milling but with the flexibility that it can be added to both the asphalt binder or final mix.

visible condition solids (%)                          viscosity (mPa∙s) specific gravity (g/cm³)          pH Tg (DSC) (°C)                        


white to light yellow

~ 50

~1000 (Brookfield RVT, Spindle #2, 20 rpm, 23°C)

~ 200

(EN ISO 3219, 100 1/s, 23°C)

~ 1,00  ~ 7,5 - 24


Butonal® 5126 X is suitable for hot mix asphalt (pre-blended and direct injection in pug mill) and also for thin lift overlays. 

I-485 Thin Lift Overlay