Fuel and Lubricant Solutions
Fuel and Lubricant Solutions

KEROPUR® Fuel Performance Solutions


BASF is a leading supplier of fuel performance packages worldwide. KEROPUR® multifunctional fuel performance packages help keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system. The portfolio includes gasoline and diesel performance packages for maximum engine cleanliness, better fuel economy, lower emissions and optimal driving experience.

BASF's long-standing expertise and individual high-performance gasoline and diesel additives provide differentiation and enable the development of efficient fuels to exceed legal market requirements.

When it comes to fuel, relax. Wherever you are, whatever you need, whenever you need it. BASF is there for you. This is the core message which underlines our position as a problem solver in all matters concerning fuel.

The Formula for Fuel Differentiation


KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages for Enhanced Fuels

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Designed to Make the Difference for Your Fuel


KEROPUR® DP Series for Intelligent High-Quality Diesel Fuel Solutions

Prime Performance Aftermarket Solutions

Discover the KEROPUR® Prime Performance Aftermarket Solutions