Aroma Ingredients

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Excellence in technology plays a decisive role these days as resources continue to wane. BASF is working together with its customers to meet future developments.

Our customers’ sustainability needs and the resulting market dynamics drive our activities. In this context, we analyze our portfolio regarding contributions to sustainability and integrate sustainability assessments into our innovation process.

We offer our product portfolio in diverse product lines, to enable our customers the development of new fragrance and flavor applications.


New: Our biotech-based aroma ingredients

Being known as a leading supplier of synthetic aroma ingredients, we broaden our portfolio with natural ingredients such as vanillin, nootkatone and valencene. 

Rose, the classic spirit of emotions

There is no insipration without rose. From a choice of ten high quality rose aroma ingredients, from warm rose to fruity or herbal rose notes, you can start creating your valuable compositions.

The freshness of citrus

Feel the spirit of real lemon. For your citrus notes, you can rely on our bestsellers. We supply a range of citral qualities that accomodate your needs.

The inspiring freshness of lavender

These floral aroma ingredients are ideal for all your creations, particular for lavender, citrus, rose and bergamot compositions. Their exceptional floral freshness makes them top performers in all kinds of applications.

The harmony of muguet

Our muguet aroma ingredients will provide you the ideal solution for beautiful floralcy. Our portfolio consists of the three most important muguet ingredients, from soft-mild to highly impactful.

The world loves menthol

There is no freshness without mint. Discover our mint portfolio that provides you plenty of opportunities to differentiate mint creations at constant high quality.

Selected sensations

Sample the selection. Aniseed or floral – fruity or woody. Herbal notes complete the experience.