Aroma Ingredients

Making a difference in the natural F&F ingredients market

The Flavor & Fragrance industry is experiencing an increasing need for natural ingredients. But fluctuating product quality, availability and sustainability are constant challenges for our customers. By entering the market with biotechnology-based aroma ingredients, we intend to provide our customers with high-quality products to respond to the current market challenges.

By acquiring Isobionics, an innovation leader in biotechnology which is serving the global market for natural F&F, and through a cooperation agreement with Conagen, a leader in biotechnology research, we enter the market for natural F&F ingredients. Being known as a leading supplier of synthetic aroma ingredients, we now broaden our portfolio with natural ingredients such as vanillin, nootkatone and valencene.

We intend to advance the technology for biotech-based aroma ingredients by combining our own R&D excellence and broad market access with the know-how and expertise of Isobionics and Conagen. 


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