About BASF Enzymes

March 2019: Enzyme Production at BASF

While chemistry is at BASF´s core, it is not commonly known that we are also investing strongly in biotechnology – among others in the large scale production of enzymes.

For millions of years our planet has developed it´s own way of creating molecules, in all kinds of shapes and degrees of complexity. Long chains of amino-acids, called proteins, became important building blocks and enabled more complex forms of life. Some of these proteins had the potential to trigger specific chemical reactions, in a very precise and efficient, repetitive way: They are called enzymes.

Almost every culture appears to have made use of natural enzymes for milennia: Through fermentation they found ways to bake their bread or brew their beer, using enzymes as – what they would think in those days – a secret force of nature.

Biotechnology has now made it possible to produce these enzymes ourselves: At large scale, environmentally friendly and effective for a multitude of common applications. At BASF we have invested in biotechnology since decades, and increasingly did so in recent years. We own and operate a large number of fermentation plants all over the world and a large contingent of our 12,000 colleagues in Research and Development are dedicated to exploring the boundaries of this promising technology of the future. Thanks to recent breakthroughs such as directed evolution and CRISPR-Cas, innovations hit the market at increased speed and intensity. Our experts in engineering and production technology stand ready to take the new developments on board and scale up the production of enzymes and other bioproducts to world scale volumes.

Combining new enzyme technology and world class knowledge in chemistry we as a company are uniquely positioned. In true partnership with the large and leading players in a large variety of industries we are ready to take on the challenges that come with a growing world population.

Did you know?

BASF enzymes are fully developed and produced in-house through biotech-based manufacturing. In exceptional cases trusted business partners complement our supply chain. Watch the video to gain an insight into the production process of industrial enzymes!