A fungus as a living factory

Baked Goods

BASF bakery enzymes increase dough stability and volume as well as overall appearance, providing constant product quality. 

Bread and other yeast-raised products are widely consumed and are therefore a main source of revenues for the bakery industry. Consumers prefer appealing looking baked goods with a perfect shape, soft and elastic crumb structure and crispy crust. All goods are expected to have an extensive shelf life and to stay as fresh as on the first day.

Our bakery enzymes improve volume, crumb softness and oven spring. They are used in many different baked goods to facilitate production, improve quality and maintain freshness during storage. High dough stability during mixing and fermentation is extremely important in all these applications, since it reduces stickiness and improves machinability. 

Key benefits of BASF enzymes:

  • Enhance the volume and appearance of baked goods

  • Improve crumb structure and softness of bread and rolls

  • Increase dough stability and shock tolerance

  • Reduce stickiness and improves machinability¬†


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