Enzymes enable higher yields by improving fermentation

As global demand for energy continues to grow at unprecedented levels, bio-refineries worldwide are converting record volumes of biomass into fuel, feed and numerous other bio-based products. Driven by innovation, especially in a challenging economic environment, continuous improvement is a necessity in the ethanol and starch processing industries.

Leveraging our advanced technology, we create high-performance industrial enzymes uniquely suited for grain processing and ethanol production. We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and to working closely with them to develop optimal solutions. By improving fermentation, enabling higher yields and more flexible process parameters, we help our customers attain greater overall efficiency. Together, we can realize a more sustainable future.         

Key benefits of BASF enzymes:

  • Increase fuel ethanol yields
  • Speed up fermentation times
  • Provide a greater overall efficiency
  • Improve yeast health

Get to know our corrosion inhibitor DCI-11 Plus ClearTrakTM for use in ethanol production

Key advantages:

  • New Colorless Marker Technology
  • Excellent cost effective corrosion protection
  • Corrosion protection for the entire life of the fuel
  • Long term protection for storage tanks and fuel handling assets
  • Protection of critical steel components in the fuel handling system and modern alloys utilized in fuel injection systems
  • Reduction of fuel pump wear
  • Effectively neutralizes and maintains pHe to meet fuel ethanol specification

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