Commercial laundry

The optimization of laundry

With BASF enzymes you get cleaner results and low re-wash rates

Laundry on a commercial scale is a very different proposition from a home wash. Washer extractors and tunnel washers in institutions and industrial laundries are expected to turn out perfect workwear, bed and table linen, even when it arrives heavily soiled. Rental textile services expect their clean laundry to be returned with minimal wear and tear to extend its lifetime.

The pressure is on to do more with less: to be more effective, lowering re-wash rates even with less water, less energy and less time. Thanks to BASF enzymes, detergents achieve cleaner results at lower temperatures, greater convenience in less time and the lowest possible re-wash rates.

Laundry with eco-credentials

Enhancing sustainability with superior performances

BASF provides environmentally friendly ingredients – also CLP label-free – for commercial laundry detergents that are on a par with traditional products in terms of performance, particularly in modern energy-saving and water-saving machines.

Sustainable cleaning on an industrial scale

Help protect the environment with responsible souring, high cleaning performance and biodegradability

BASF enzymes optimize industrial cleaners that performance on a par with traditional products while being readily biodegradable with an excellent tox profile.