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Hot results with a cool wash – Home Care laundry

With BASF enzymes you get hot results, even with a cool wash

High performance BASF enzymes achieve the next level of performance in detergents and cleaners. For example grass, blood and ink stains are hard to remove at the same time in an energy-hungry (and textile-punishing) hot wash. All households are keen to cut their energy bills – and washing at lower temperatures is a clear way to save. With the help of BASF enzymes, detergents achieve visibly cleaner results on the toughest stains despite low temperatures.

Advanced enzymes in BASF solutions dock onto the protein chains of stubborn stains and remove them efficiently, even in a cooler wash. Thanks to the detergent enzymes of BASF, the washing power of liquid and gel detergents can be increased, achieving excellent clean and fresh washing results even at temperatures of 20° C.

Outdoor fun that leaves no trace 

Increase the ability to remove particulate stains and ground-dirt effectively at low temperature

In liquid, single-dose and powder form, solutions by BASF get the laundry clean, keep it white, and work effectively at temperatures as low as 20 °C. Clothes look new for longer.

Make your brand time and energy saver

Help save time and energy by performing perfectly on short washing-cycles and at low temperatures

To save time and energy, people expect easy-to-dose laundry detergents that perform perfectly with whites and colored textiles in short washing cycles and at low temperatures.