Pulp and Paper

Do more with less – BASF enzymes improve the brightness of paper while reducing use of bleaching chemicals

We produce unique enzymes that are designed to increase the accessibility of the lignin in pulped wood to standard bleaching chemicals. This substantially increases bleaching efficiency and decreases the amount of bleaching chemicals required.

LUMINASE® enzymes

LUMINASE® PB-100 and LUMINASE® PB-200 enzymes are next-generation, highly thermostable xylanases that enhance the reactivity of pulp fiber to bleaching chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

Key benefits of BASF enzymes:

  • Increase bleaching efficiency
  • Lower costs by reducing use of bleaching chemicals
  • Improve brightness
  • Are active over a wide range of temperatures and pH’s
  • Can lead to decreases of AOX in wastewater, reducing the environmental burden