Pioneering in omega-3

BASF is world leader in high-concentrate omega-3 fatty acids for pharmaceuticals, and has leading positions in dietary supplements and clinical nutrition categories.

Our leadership is built on our global customer reach, our unique R&D capabilities for lipids, omega-3 derivates and development of omega-3 fatty acid formulations, as well as our unrivalled worldwide safety and efficacy data covering over 9 million patient years. 

Our omega-3 expert team in Norway and experts around the globe are dedicated to developing the world's most effective and proven omega-3 solutions for a longer and healthier life. Our products improve and save lives everyday.

Our leadership is built on

  • Global customer reach
  • Unique R&D capabilities for lipids, omega-3 derivates and development of omega-3 fatty acid formulations
  • Unrivalled worldwide safety and efficacy data

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We created the omega-3 pharma market

Over 20 years ago with our drugs Omacor® and Lovaza® - the world’s first omega-3 fatty-acid-based drug for cardiovascular disease – we created the omega-3 pharma market. We pioneered the use of omega-3s as pharmaceuticals and successfully proved the potency of omega-3s in patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and developed the reference standard for prescription omega-3 ethyl ester 90 .

40: Number of countries we serve through out Value Chain solutions
TOP 50: Our prescription omega-3 (Lovaza™) has been the 50th most sold pharmaceutical in the US
More than 100,000 patients included in clinical trials world-over
9 million patient/years in our Monitoring System Database


Our product – made from fish oil – can be traced along the entire value chain, back to healthy fish stocks.


Leading manufacturing capabilities

BASF Omega-3 Verbund operates FDA-approved production facilities in Norway and Scotland and the headquarters in Oslo, Norway, as well as production plants in Denmark and Germany.

Omega-3 Production Sites

Leading in purity of products

Our patented stripping technology removes any contaminants or environmental pollutants.


Science & R&D

150 years developing Omega-3 solutions

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Turnkey solutions fitting your needs


Nutrition Solutions

Our dedicated nutrition expert team transforms our capabilities and technologies into meaningful science-based consumer propositions. We serve customers in the markets of dietary supplements, health foods, clinical nutrition and baby food.

Nutrition Solutions

Pharma Solutions

BASF pioneered the omega-3 pharma market by introducing, in 1994, Omacor®/ LovazaTM as the first prescription omega-3 drug with approval from the FDA/EU. We became world leaders in high-concentrate omega-3 fatty acids for pharmaceuticals.

Pharma Solutions

Advanced Health Solutions

Growing the space between food and pharma through dietary management using key nutrient formulation, our products and health solutions are developed by our dedicated team, targeting unmet needs. 

Advanced Health Solutions

Value Chain Solutions

Based on our expertise, we can offer expert knowledge and ownership of the whole value-chain and a team that proactively support supply chain management and knowledge in coordination with our partners and customers.

Value Chain Solutions

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