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BASF supplies Maxomega™ EPA97 (Ethyl Icosapentate)

Over two decades ago, BASF introduced to the market Omacor®/Lovaza™, the first FDA and EU approved omega-3 based prescription drug. Our product is now represented in over 80 countries. We became world leaders in high-concentrate Omega-3 fatty acids for pharmaceuticals.
Leveraging world leading expertise, BASF is supplying Maxomega™ EPA97 (ethyl icosapentate), an ethylester oil.
Maxomega™ EPA97 (ethyl icosapentate) follows the specifications of the Japanese pharmacopoeia (JP).

BASF delivers premium products

  • Long history of production and delivery of Omacor®/LovazaTM, the first FDA and EU approved omega-3 based prescription drug
  • World leading expertise, experience & support for: Analysis, regulatory control, production and supply
  • Long-term strategic commitment to the business

MaxomegaTM EPA 97 EE

MaxomegaTM EPA 97 EE contains a minimum of 96,5% EPA.

Chemically Eicosapentaenoic acid ethyl ester (Ethyl Icosapentate), this API complies with the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) and is documented in a JMF.


What we offer

We have over 20 years of production and research experience in omega-3 based pharmaceuticals. We offer our partners the following:

  • A well-established, global network of partners
  • Unrivalled service expertise & experience in value chain management, regulatory services and quality management for pharmaceutical omega-3s
  • A well-protected technology allowing for the environmentally-friendly production of Maxomega™ EPA 97 EE at exceptional purity levels
More than 1400 metric tonnes of our prescription omega-3s are used worldwide annually
TOP 50: Our prescription omega-3 (Lovaza™) has been the 50th most sold pharmaceutical in the US
70,000 clinical trials

Research & Development

20 years of experience in pharma

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Value-Chain Management

Trusted collaboration with our partners

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ALL IN-HOUSE: Streamlined production process covers the full cycle from crude oil to concentrates and capsules

Sustainability & Traceability

Our product – made from fish oil – can be traced along the entire value chain, back to healthy fish stocks

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