Omega-3 solutions for the 
pharmaceutical industry

Omega-3 Pharma Solutions


Tailor-made Omega-3s

We support you at exploiting the opportunities of omega-3 for pharmaceutical applications.

BASF has been pioneering in omega-3 for more than 175 years. There is a vast potential of omega-3 for healthcare applications, and we became the global leader in research, development and production of marine-based omega-3 derivatives in pharmaceutical applications.

Innovating omega-3 solutions for a better health

There is a vast potential of omega-3 lipids for pharmaceutical use. At BASF, we are dedicated to supporting you at developing innovative omega-3 formulations. Examples of use are intravenous formulations, creams and drops, to name a few.


  • Unique R&D capabilities for lipids & omega-3 fatty acid formulations

  • We have Global partner networks and competencies

  • We have an unrivalled service expertise and experience in value chain management, regulatory services and quality management


  • 30-90% EPA/DHA

  • Up to 97% EPA

  • Up to 95% DHA

  • Other long-chain lipids


  • Ethyl-Esters

  • Free Fatty Acids

  • Triglycerides

  • Diglycerides

  • Monoglycerides

Research & Development

20 years of experience in pharma

Value-Chain Management

Trusted collaboration with our partners

GMP sites

ALL IN-HOUSE: Streamlined production process covers the full cycle from crude oil to concentrates and capsules

Sustainability & Traceability

Our product – made from fish oil – can be traced along the entire value chain, back to healthy fish stocks

Regulatory Affairs

Dedicated to omega-3

Science of Omega-3

Dedicated to omega-3

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