Advanced Health Solutions

Growing the space between food and pharma through dietary management using key nutrient formulation

We are developing proprietary turnkey solutions for growing markets within Clinical Nutrition, Infant Nutrition and Medical Foods.

We operate in a specific regulatory environment, with strong scientific focus and need for clinical evidence. Products and health solutions are developed by our dedicated team, targeting unmet needs.

Our pipeline consists of products within the fields of

Our Key Capabilities

  • Science and biology
  • Clinical expertise
  • Formulation know-how
  • Regulatory competence
  • Intellectual property
  • State of the art manufacturing facilities
NAFLD – a rising epidemic: ~75 million patients in the US
Optimal nutrition for babies: 57% of babies world wide are bottle fed
Growing elderly population: 17% of the wolrd population aged >65 years in 2050

Collaboration Advanced Health Solutions Products

We are continuesly seeking collaboration and partnering opportunities for our advanced health solutions products. Please contact us for further information.

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