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Our specialized consumer’s health omega-3 portfolio makes us a reliable partner for growth.

Our dedicated nutrition expert team transforms our capabilities and technologies into meaningful science-based consumer propositions. We serve customers in the markets of dietary supplements, health foods, clinical nutrition and baby food. Our omega-3 ingredients range includes:

  • ultra-high omega-3 concentrates 
  • micro-encapsulated powders 
  • deodorized PUFA oils

Our versatile ingredients enable the industry to develop and market innovative health products to consumers.
Omega-3 research experts translate scientific evidence into innovative marketing claims. The feasibility, as well as the attractiveness of such marketing concepts are complemented by consumer research.

Why BASF Omega-3 Nutrition?

  • Consumer insight and concept development
  • Unique access to proprietary technologies
  • Production capabilities and capacity
  • High purity and potency ingredients
  • Proven quality and safety commitment
  • Leading innovation power

Tailor-made Omega-3

We support the development of omega-3 use in a wide range of applications:

  • Dietary supplements 
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Food applications
  • Finished consumer products

Omega-3 Health Solutions

In BASF Omega-3 Nutrition we are continuously working to bring better health solutions. One of the recently solved challenges is the limited absorption of omega-3 supplements.

  • Omega-3 uptake is affected by food intake
  • Having omega-3 supplements with an empty stomach or with low fat meals reduces the absorption and therefore, the efficacy

BASF launches breakthrough Accelon™ absorption accelerating technology:

  • BASF’s absorption acceleration technology
  • Accelon™ – 4x better absorption on an empy stomach

Learn more about Accelon™ technology

Omega-3 Nutrition Portfolio

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