Leading the prescription omega-3 market

Pioneers in the development of prescription omega-3 substances

BASF pioneered the omega-3 pharma market by introducing, in 1994, Omacor®/Lovaza as the first prescription omega-3 drug with approval from the FDA/EU. We became world leaders in high-concentrate omega-3 fatty acids for pharmaceuticals.

In addition to our established & proven high-quality omega-3 product and service portfolio, we offer unrivalled experience and unique expertise in development and management of customized omega-3 solutions.

Why BASF Omega-3 Pharma?

  • More than 100,000 patients included in clinical trials world-over
  • Our Global Safety Database covers 9 million patient years
  • More than 1400 metric tonnes of BASF prescription omega-3s used worldwide annually
  • Our prescription omega-3 (Lovaza™) has been on the top 50 list of most sold pharmaceuticals in the US

Proven, pure and potent omega-3 solutions.

Our generic and originator products are produced in the same facilities, to equally high standards.

We leverage our experience and unique production process to ensure reliable supplies of consistent products.

Documented effect on reducing elevated triglycerides and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Our global safety database covers close to 7 million patient years on prescription.

Our patented stripping technology removes any contaminants or environmental pollutants.

As a global supplier, we have considerable experience in managing your stability issues.

Our product – made from fish oil – can be traced along the entire value chain, back to healthy fish stocks.


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Sustainability & Traceability

Our product – made from fish oil – can be traced along the entire value chain, back to healthy fish stocks

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