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A Breakthrough In Omega-3 Absorption

The world’s first clinically proven technology to optimize absorption of EPA and DHA.

    A New Breakthrough From The Omega-3 Pioneers

    As the pioneer and market leader for high concentrate omega-3 in both food and pharma, BASF's omega-3 expert team is constantly seeking ways to improve the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids as an essential health solution.

    BASF's new absorption accelerating technology significantly enhances the absorption of omega-3 in the body, increasing bioavailability by a minimum of 4X compared to leading high-concentrate omega-3 oils.

Clinically proven and consumer tested benefits

  • Min. 4X higher absorption* of EPA & DHA combined

  • Higher guarantee of uptake of the omega-3 consumed

  • Higher flexibility in day to day usage; not dependent on intake with large and/or fat-based meals

  • Reduced experience of reflux and fish burps in consumer testing

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The current challenge

Despite increasing concentration of omega-3 supplements in recent years, consumption does not automatically mean we get the full benefit. In fact, several factors influencing uptake of omega-3 in the body.

Ideally, omega-3 supplements are taken together with a fatty meal. This combination specifically triggers the release of enzymes and emulsifiers which help solubilize and digest fats. However, many people take their supplements without food or fat-based meals.

How it works

To solve for sub-optimal omega-3 absorption, BASF Omega-3 Verbund scientists have developed an absorption accelerating formulation of highly concentrated omega-3 which, in contact with water, forms millions of tiny droplets in a micro-emulsion.

This system ensures the optimal absorption of the valuable omega-3 fatty acids independently from large and/or fat-based meals.



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*These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This technology is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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