Pioneering in omega-3 since 1838

BASF is the pioneer in omega-3, with its foundations in Norway in 1838. Developing omega-3 solutions for patients and consumers for over 150 years, we became world leader in high-concentrate omega-3 fatty acids for pharmaceuticals, and have leading positions in dietary supplements and clinical nutrition categories. In addition to our established & proven high-quality omega-3 product and service portfolio, we offer unrivalled experience and unique expertise in development and management of customized omega-3 solutions. We had the first FDA and EU approved omega-3 derived pharmaceutical drug. BASF develops omega-3 solutions in Norway, Scotland, Denmark and Germany, with the headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

Our omega-3 leadership is built on

  • Our unique R&D capabilities for lipids, omega-3 derivates & omega-3 fatty acid formulations
  • Our global network and competency
  • Our unrivalled service expertise & experience in value chain management, regulatory affairs and quality assurance

Almost 180 years of expertise in omega-3