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Our Plastics Journey

Graphic to show the elements that make up a circular economy: make, use, recycle

New ways of thinking – new ways of doing

Solving the plastic challenge is a journey we’re all on together. Join us to discover how we are innovating with our partner organizations to improve how plastics are made, used and recycled in ways that bring us closer to the ultimate goal of a circular economy.

Polyamide production: Hand reaching into a container full of polyamide balls


How plastics are made really matters - from product design to the choice of raw materials to the manufacturing process itself.
Two bicycles on a country road riding into the sunset


Changing how we use and reuse plastics can mean using them less. But it can also mean using them better.
Bales of plastic waste


The big issue around plastics is what happens to them at “end of life”. That's where many of our innovations come in.
View through the opening of a plastic bottle on a woman that looks out at the horizon


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A green forest flooded with rays of sunlight

We want to live up to our responsibility for climate protection. That's why we produce safely and efficiently.