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Who we are
Who we are


Age of the super brains

Digitalization presents big opportunities for us. Using digital technologies and data, we are creating additional value for our customers and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes. Find out more how supercomputers and quantum computers are changing business and society.

Explore what it means for us

Human and machine


What does AI mean?
And what does its emergence mean for humans?
Four theses on the new relationship between humans and algorithms.

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The answer to all the ultimate questions of life is actually very simple. It is 42. This was calculated in 7.5 million years by Deep Thought, the supercomputer in the science fiction novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”


A shiny, silver cylinder holds the treasure: qubits, frozen by a helium pump to minus 273 degrees Celsius. How do those quantum computers to work?

Supporting, not replacing 

Artificial intelligence will support people, not replace them. Professor Barbara Grosz explains why it would be a mistake to replace people with AI.

Think smart. Act smart.


Explore what smart manufacturing, smart innovations and smart supply chains mean for us.


Smart Manufacturing 

We are increasing the effectiveness of our plants and the efficiency of our production processes through the use of digital technologies and data. The tight integration of production and business processes allows us to make better and faster decisions.

Smart Innovation

We are strengthening our innovation power by increasing the use of digital technologies and data. Data helps us tap into new fields of innovation. Our R&D activities will progress faster and we can adapt our offerings to better meet specific customer requirements.

Smart Supply Chain

Our supply chain is becoming more effective and efficient thanks to digital technologies. We achieve this by creating an integrated supply chain with our customers, suppliers and partners and exchanging data with them, thereby increasing the transparency of the entire supply chain.