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Compostable plastic

Closing the loop with ecovio®, the certified compostable plastic

Using products in the best possible way along the whole value chain and recovering them again at the end of their service life – in this way the biopolymer ecovio® contributes to circular economy: With ecovio® we can conserve resources, reduce or even avoid waste. The special advantage: ecovio® is certified compostable and partly biobased. Made of ecovio® are organic waste bags as well as shopping bags that can be used twice: first for shopping, then for disposing organic waste.


Further applications: coffee capsules and packaging films for fruits and vegetables, coatings for single-use tableware made of paper and foam boxes for the safe transport of fish and seafood. Packaging and organic waste can be collected and recovered together: because the certified compostable ecovio® products are converted into quality compost, water and CO2 in municipal composting plants - and all this within twelve weeks.