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NAS® Battery – High-energy, Long-duration Stationary Energy Storage


Increased demand for renewable energy

The global demand for energy is rising steadily. At the same time, calls for climate protection and sustainability are becoming louder and louder. The importance of energy generation from renewable sources – such as solar or wind – is therefore growing rapidly.

Stationary energy storage by long-duration battery systems is one of the most suitable solutions to ensure reliable power supply at all times. This is where our NAS® batteries come into play.

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BASF New Business – our full support for your energy solution

We, the energy storage team of BASF New Business, fully support you in finding the appropriate energy solution for your individual use case.

We are selling stationary storage batteries based on the proven NAS technology, produced by NGK Insulators Ltd. In addition we provide comprehensive technical support and a performance guarantee for 10 years.*

* Subject to the applicable terms and conditions of sale.

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NAS® batteries – designed for stationary energy storage

NAS® batteries are designed for stationary energy storage and boast an array of superior features, such as large capacity, long duration, long life, enhanced safety and environmental benignity.

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Containerized NAS® batteries

We supply containerized NAS® batteries. The standardized form enables easy transportation and quick installation at a customer's site.

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Benefits and applications

NAS® batteries play an important role all along power grids and bring benefits to various market segments. The applications for the batteries range from renewable enhancement and upgrade deferral to microgrid solutions.  

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Proven technology

NAS® batteries have been a proven technology for more than 15 years with a track record of numerous deployments at customer sites all around the world.  

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