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NAS® Batteries - Designed for Stationary Energy Storage

NAS® batteries are designed for stationary energy storage and boast an array of superior features: 

High energy

A single NAS® battery container features 1.2MWh energy. By combining containers, the total energy of the system can be easily scaled up to multiple MWhs.

Discharge duration 4-8 hours

With its capability to discharge for 4-8 hours, NAS® batteries are ideally suitable for long duration applications such as time shift or peak shaving, but also for grid upgrade deferral.

Long life time 15 years / 4,500 cycles

Thanks to its slow degradation, an NAS® battery maintains its functionality for up to 15 years or 4,500 equivalent operation cycles (whatever comes first).*

* Depending on Depth-of-Discharge (DoD). Subject to compliance with the maintenance cycles and further technical requirements.

Enhanced safety

As safety is of paramount importance, NAS® batteries manufactured by NGK Insulators, Ltd. meet the highest safety standards. On behalf of BASF, TÜV Rheinland conducted a safety audit. Please find the summary here.

Environmental benignity 

All materials used in NAS® batteries manufactured by NGK Insulators, Ltd. are abundant on earth.

Fast response

When used in combination with a fast Power Conversion System (PCS), NAS® batteries can respond within milliseconds.

Low maintenance

The battery requires only minimal preventive maintenance.

"All climate" technology

NAS® batteries can be deployed in all climate zones.


With more than 15 years of experience, NAS® batteries have demonstrated unprecedented field-proven reliability. 


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