BASF Venture Capital GmbH

Investment strategy

BASF Venture Capital

“Catalyzing Change for BASF
and the Chemical Industry”

Our venture capital activities are an importanet element of BASF’s innovation strategy. To strengthen and complement our own research and development activities, we as a leading global chemical company are opening up increasingly toward the outside world. We develop the innovative environment of startups and associate ourselves with the most promising innovations and business ideas. Besides the traditional business fields of BASF, special areas of focus are new materials, agtech, digitization and new business models.

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We proactively help each of our startups to grow in its respective industry segment. Besides offering advice on strategic management decisions, we play an important role through our access to the BASF Group’s internal and external resources. This promotes market visibility as well as facilitating prompt market access. We provide further active support through contacts and partnerships with leading industrial companies, as well as with venture capital funds, where further financing is contemplated.


As a strategic investor, we are interested not only in short-term financial success, but also ‒ and to the same degree ‒ in long-term joint development of technical solutions and products. We invest in line with the balance sheet of the BASF Group and have no end-of-fund life.

This ensures our flexibility as an investor and allows us to act with a view to the long term. Further, we have throughout the years since our foundation followed at international level the entire range of venture capital investments – including initial and follow-up investments, exits through M&A transactions, and stock exchange flotations.