BASF Venture Capital GmbH

BASF Venture Capital Portfolio

Our portfolio comprises specially selected startup companies that enrich the market with innovative materials, methods or products.

Besides investing directly in these companies, the BASF Venture Capital Group holds shares in technology funds. These fund investments give us broader access to new technologies and promising startup companies in Asia and North America.

Direct Investments

Adaptive Surface Technologies Inc.

Advanced BioNutrition Corp

Applied Nano Surfaces Sweden AB

Aspen Aerogels Inc.

Baseclick GmbH

BigRep GmbH

ecoRobotix AG

Essentium Inc.


FRX Polymers, Inc.

Heliatek GmbH

Lactips S.A.

LanzaTech Inc.

NBD Nanotechnologies, Inc.

PrismLab China Ltd.

Provivi, Inc.

P2 Science, Inc.


Smartkem Ltd.

Solidia Technologies Inc.

Zapata Computing Inc.


Alchemist Accelerator

Arch Venture Partners

Fintech GIMV

Longwater Advanced Materials Fund