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Smartkem Ltd.

SmartKem, Manchester, UK, is a leading supplier of high-performance organic semiconductor inks for the manufacture of printed thin film transistors (TFTs). SmartKem inks can be processed on flexible and lightweight plastic substrates to enable rugged and truly flexible electronics. The drawback of commercial TFTs is the need for high annealing temperatures during the production process to reach full performance. This works on glass but is not effective on plastic. SmartKem’s core offering responds to the demand for unbreakable and flexible electronics that can be produced efficiently. SmartKem has an unrivalled pipeline of new inks that are under evaluation by various reputed partners. The business model is focused on delivering expertise in molecular design, synthesis, application engineering and technology transfer to customers.

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Manchester, UK


Flexible display backplanes


Claus Hackmann, PhD
Investment Manager

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