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Our mission is to empower you – wherever you stand in your AM journey. We think in solutions, not technologies. So because we see the big picture when we look at industrial 3D applications, we not only provide materials and post-processing solutions but also offer the consulting and services you need to take your AM application to the next level.  

From idea to finished product

Benefit from our in-depth process-specific expertise – from design thinking to part optimization, from innovative materials to processing solutions for small or large-scale industrial 3DP – at any step in your AM workflow. As a BASF subsidiary, we have the staying power to accompany you over the entire lifecycle of your 3DP product.

Our experts make your application AM-ready

ULTRASIM®3D is a B3DPS computer simulation technology that helps designers find the best design for their concept part.



Design thinking for Additive Manufacturing

Integrating several components into a single 3D printed part increases production efficiency. Integrated 3D printed parts require less material and assembly effort; printing is faster and costs less. The key to effective part integration in AM is design thinking.

  • We turn your ideas into printable parts with optimized geometry, using a generative design approach
  • We merge multiple objects into one to lower stress and reduce weight

Part simulation

Simulating parts saves time and cost because simulations help to reduce the number of iterations and tests during construction.

  • To reduce the risk of part failure, we measure and evaluate the part’s response to defined loads
  • We identify and eliminate weaknesses ahead of production

Process simulation

Print jobs are time-consuming and cost-intensive. With process simulations improving their success rate, you print faster and at less cost. 

  • We increase your success rate by predicting the thermo-mechanical behavior of the materials during printing
  • We identify and locate areas vulnerable to warping, delamination, and excessive deformation by leveraging a diverse set of detailed material models
Concept Car RN30 - Parts Testing Lab in Ludwigshafen

Part testing

Thorough testing, ideally in accredited labs, is the key to customer satisfaction. Testing creates an opportunity to troubleshoot ahead of production, lowering the parts failure rate and the likelihood of repairs.

  • To pinpoint weak spots, we set up customer-specific analyses and test arrays 
  • We draw on a rich library of tests for non-standard geometries

Post processing

Take full advantage of the benefits of Additive Manufacturing – mass-customize your part and use a coating to make it weatherproof or resistant to aging. Post processing gives you a wealth of possibilities to enhance the appeal and quality of your 3D-printed part.

  • We help you turn your 3D-printed part into a marketable product
  • We suggest and supply surface treatments to give your product the desired look and feel

Every customer is unique – as are the challenges you face. Let us support you create the unexpected. We’re happy to help.

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