Commitment in the Region

We want to make a difference! Through our active social engagement, we want to make the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region an even more attractive place to live. We think it is important to work with our partners at Ludwigshafen to create a vibrant community that thrives on openness, curiosity and active cooperation.

In addition to the many things we do ourselves, we provide donations and sponsorship to support projects led by partner organizations. As a company, we also encourage our staff members to engage as volunteers, so that they can get involved with partner organizations, actively shape their communities and thus strengthen the bonds between the company and the region.


What motivates us

“Learning is more than just amassing knowledge. Learning makes you ready to think fresh ideas and be open in the face of change. That’s why learning takes center stage in our engagement programs, not only in Ludwigshafen but all over the world.”

Karin Heyl
Vice-President Social Engagement & Work-Life-Management

Basf Projekt in Oggersheim - Fluechtlinge lernen in einer Fahrradwerkstatt

Regional engagement

At Ludwigshafen, our social engagement is focused on two goals: Participation & Integration and Research & Discovery. As different as these two goals might at first seem, there’s one thing they have in common: They help us find answers to the challenges we face today and to the questions that matter for the future. They create change and help build a livable community.

Discover the range of our regional activities in the slider below.


Global engagement

As a founder member of the UN Global Compact, we focus our global social engagement strategy on helping the United Nations achieve its sustainable development objectives.
Beneath this overarching goal, various local objectives are formulated to address specific challenges in each region.