Innovative and mobile tank concepts

From the age of tank cars into the digital era

Tank cars are a thing of the past; the future comes in form of autonomous vehicles that transport innovative tank containers at the Ludwigshafen site.

Keeping BASF moving

More than 1,000 rail tank cars are in use at the Ludwigshafen site. They transport liquid or gaseous chemical products from the train station to the plants. The length of the rail tracks and the number of switches at the Ludwigshafen site are comparable to the numbers for the Port of Hamburg.

Currently, plants have to wait for about a day for an ordered raw material to be delivered – after all, delivery is a very laborious process. The cars of more than 40 tank car trains have to be put in the right sequence every day. However, the rail logistics experts at BASF have developed an innovative concept to make all of this easier. The idea is to fully automate all transport activities on the site premises in the future. Once the concept has been implemented, plants will be able to order their containers just one hour in advance. The concept consists of three elements:

  • large tank containers
  • a fully automatic container depot
  • autonomous vehicles