Help - How to


This service is currently only available to companies of the German group. Your HR Business Partner will tell you whether your company has already agreed to use this service. Trainees are not allowed to use the app until further notice. The certificates of incapacity for work must be submitted as before.

The HRdirekt App can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore. 

You can easily find the app using the search term "BASF HRdirekt" or use the following links on your smartphone:


  1. Login on BASF computer at HR Kiosk
  2. Open registration link with the smartcard inserted
  3. Scan QR-Code with the HRdirekt App


The necessary registration must be made once before the first use on a BASF computer with a smartcard.

To do this, log on to the HR Kiosk and call up the QR code for registering the HRdirekt app.

Once you have accepted the terms of use, you can scan the QR code with the app and register without any problems.

Alternatively, you can also call up the following link directly on a BASF computer with a smart card:

Please use your known login data for the HR Kiosk (BASF User ID + password) to log in (after one-time registration).

In the app itself there are no possibilities to restore forgotten login data.

Please use the available functionalities in the BASF Intranet.

The app is only available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Windows smartphones, computers and laptops are not supported.

iOS (Apple):

  • from version 11
  • as of iPhone 5s or iPad Air 2

Android (Google):

  • from version 5.0
  • Camera: min. 8 MP
  • CPU: min. 2 GHz
  • RAM: min. 2 GB
  • Unsupported devices are listed here.

Yes! You can use the app on several devices. To do this, you must register each device using the QR code.

No, it is not possible to export data or store it externally, for example in a cloud storage.


In this first version of the app, you can only submit incapacity for work certificates.

Further document types will follow in future updates of the app.


"Medical certificates for a child's illness" cannot be submitted via the app.

  1. Login to the app
  2. Open "My Documents"
  3. Press "Submit new document" button
  4. Select the desired document type
  5. Capture the document with the camera. The app gives instructions on how to hold your smartphone and then triggers automatically.
  6. Validate the automatically captured data and send it afterwards.

If several certificates are available, please submit them individually.


Place the smoothed document on a horizontal, flat background from which it stands out well (contrast). The folded edges in particular often cause erroneous images. Ensure good lighting conditions.


Position the smartphone horizontally above the document. Hold the device so that the document is completely visible within the blue frame. The document edges should be as close as possible to the frame.


After taking a picture, check that the document has been captured completely and is clearly legible (sharp). If necessary, repeat the recording or correct it by cropping.

Design saved: The certificate of incapacity for work was analyzed in the app, but not yet sent.

Document sent: The certificate of incapacity for work was successfully sent and processed, including verified metadata.

Within 4 hours your certificate of incapacity for work will be processed in the BASF systems and will be visible to you the next day in the HR Kiosk (time statement).

No, as soon as the document has been successfully sent (status in the app), processing is triggered and no separate notification takes place.

No, a certificate of incapacity for work can only be submitted for yourself.

We recommend that you keep the original document for a certain period of time in order to be prepared for possible queries.

No, a submission via app is completely sufficient.

If your certificate is not completely displayed after you have photographed it, you can edit the image section immediately after taking the picture and enlarge it using the "Crop" function, for example.

In the worst case, you would have to repeat the recording.

If the transmission fails, the captured documents are saved as a draft.

It can happen that the server is not accessible for a short time or the smartphone does not have a sufficient internet connection.

Please try again at a later time if necessary.

The submission of a certificate of incapacity for work is possible for a maximum of 14 days after admission.

The user will then be informed that the processing period has expired. 

In such a case, please contact HRdirek/HRContact directly.


Yes! The captured documents are already stored in encrypted form within the app. In addition, the data is encrypted and thus securely transmitted to BASF for further processing.

The captured documents are only visible within the app and do not appear in the picture gallery of your device. All data and documents are encrypted in the app.


Please check that your credentials (BASF User ID + password) are correct. It is also important that your device time is set to automatic. This ensures that it is not possible to access personal data.

This error can have various causes. Please check if you are connected to the internet at all. If the problem persists, please save your document as a draft and try again later.

The submission of a certificate of incapacity for work is possible for a maximum of 14 days after admission.

The user will then be informed that the processing period has expired. 

In such a case, please contact HRdirek/HRContact directly.

You have activated the transmission of data exclusively with Wi-Fi in the settings. Please establish a wifi connection or activate the transfer with mobile data in the settings menu of the app.


If any problems or errors occur, please contact HRdirekt/HRcontact:

For Ludwigshafen - (0) 0621 60 - 95000 or

For Germany - (0) 00800 2222 0000 or