Perspectives on the Rhine

BASF was founded in 1865 directly at the shores of the river Rhine because it offered immense logistic advatanges. How important is the river to BASF still today? What are the challenges of the future? And how can the company be prepared for high and low water levels? Read answers by Michael Heinz, Board member and site director Ludwigshafen as well as by Dr. Uwe Liebelt, Site manager Ludwigshafen. Of course, the employees of the Ludwigshafen site have their own views and experiences when thinking of the Rhine.

Inland waterway transport and rail transport are the preferred means of conveyance for the chemical industry. At the Ludwigshafen site, for example, 40 percent of all raw materials and goods are transported to and from the company by inland vessels. 

Michael Heinz

BASF Board Member and Site Director Ludwigshafen