Electromobility at the site

Electromobility is a future topic for BASF that we are addressing in many ways: We are involved in the German National Platform for Electric Mobility (NPE). We are conducting research into electromobility because this key technology will only be successful with innovations from the chemical industry. We also intend to understand the user’s perspective and are therefore gathering experience in the application of these innovative technologies.

Electric cars have been used at the Ludwigshafen site since 2011. The aim was to learn more about the needs of users and find out how electric vehicles can be integrated into works and city traffic. We have found in our experience that innovative mobility also works in practice. Electric cars offer adequate driving comfort, are reliable and are therefore just as useful day-to-day for commercial traffic as vehicles with combustion engines.

We now have over 150 electric cars in use as commercial vehicles at the Ludwigshafen site, at eleven other sites in Germany and also in Antwerp, Belgium. Another 100 will be added in 2016, which will replace conventional commercial vehicles. The charging infrastructure is also being expanded. A charging station will be available for each electric car so that the vehicles are always ready to drive. There will also be an additional 400 pedelecs; more will gradually replace mopeds and scooters at the Ludwigshafen site.

BASF is focusing on innovative mobility, promoting it with its slogan “We create chemistry for future mobility”.