BASF factory in the middle of a field with red flowers

Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Biodiversity is the foundation for numerous ecosystem services, for example air quality, climate, pollination, water purification and soil formation. We as a chemical company depend on ecosystem services and have an impact on them.
Plastic and other rubbish washed up on a beach.

Engagement against plastic waste

BASF supports numerous initiatives to address the global challenge of mismanaged plastic waste.

Forest Protection

Forests are essential to life on earth. Forests do not only hold the majority of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity but provide crucial ecosystem services as they regulate water cycles, provide clean air and protect the soil from erosion. Through human activity, however, forests are disappearing at alarming rates.
Close up shot of red fruit with spikes surrounded by green leaves

Examples of Biodiversity Projects

BASF supports projects to protect biodiversity around the world.