In order to address the various demands of our customers and markets, we rely on the best team in all areas and functions around the globe. The inclusion of diversity is an important component of our strategic human resources management. It helps us to continuously improve our team's performance and power of innovation, and increases creativity, motivation and identification with the company.

Our understanding

For BASF, Diversity + Inclusion (D+I for short) is one of the essential keys to business success and the well-being of our staff. Embracing and cherishing the unique strengths of D+I means creating an environment that gets the best out of every employee.

To make this a reality, we want to...

  • promote an inclusive culture which accepts and enhances the diversity in people, experience and capabilities.
  • embrace talents and abilities of all kinds both inside and outside the company, so as to foster growth and the power to innovate in every part of the business.

This short film shows how BASF employees perceive the idea of diversity.

Diversity and Inclusion in practice

We have a number of measures in place to establish Diversity and Inclusion worldwide. Management plays a key role in this. We support managers in their efforts to develop and increase diversity as much as possible in everyday working life. For example, D+I training programs have been developed and introduced for senior managers in every region.

BASF has a variety of global and regional Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which give staff the opportunity to network with colleagues with similar interests, backgrounds or fields of activity, as well as to share and expand their knowledge and skills and learn more about important markets and customers. Examples include the "Women in Business" (WIB) network, which aims to boost the recruitment, career development and employment of women and foster a leadership culture that supports those aims, the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) group, the network "Men for part-time" or regional networks such as the Afro-American or Latino employee groups in North America.

Promoting diversity for many years

BASF has been promoting Diversity and Inclusion for many years. The first training sessions and initiatives started in North America in the early 1980s, and the first "Women in Business" staff network was formed there in 1989. Embracing diversity is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our strategic HR management in every region. In 2007, BASF was a signatory to the German government's Diversity Charter. In 2009, the global Ambassador Network was established, which today numbers more than 500 D+I ambassadors and friends. In 2010, the company established a worldwide D+I Council. "Embrace diversity" has also been defined as a personal competency worldwide since 2010. BASF thereby underlines the importance of valuing the inclusion of diversity, which forms part of the staff selection process as well as of the career development of all employees. This importance is also reflected in the BASF corporate values, especially in the value of "openness". Since 2018, BASF is one of approximately 150 companies who support the UN’s global LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex) Standards of Conduct for business. 

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