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Ultramid® Polyamide (PA) for textile applications

With more than 60 years of experience, Ultramid® combines outstanding chemical properties, easy processability, brilliant and durable colors with high strength in both fiber and fabric, guaranteeing high processing speeds with outstanding yields and homogenous dye shade.

Ultramid® Biomass Balance Polyamide
Derived from renewable raw materials (Biomass)

As our customers and consumers are becoming more aware of how clothing is made, and the impact of textile production on the environment, BASF brings a new polyamide solution based on renewable feedstock to the world of fashion. Ultramid® biomass Balance opens up new opportunities to create more sustainable solutions – all without the need to change your production setup.

In the biomass balance approach, renewable resources such as bio-naphtha or biogas derived from organic waste or vegetable oils are used together with fossil resources already in the very first steps of chemical production. The bio-based amount is then allocated mathematically to specific products sold by means of the certified method.  


Turning sustainability challenges into market opportunities


Sustainably produced renewable feedstock

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