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Ultramid® Polyamide (PA) for textile applications

With more than 60 years of experience, Ultramid® combines outstanding chemical properties, easy processability, brilliant and durable colors with high strength in both fiber and fabric, guaranteeing high processing speeds with outstanding yields and homogenous dye shade.

Ultramid® Total Fit Polyamide
One PA fiber with limitless effects

Ultramid® Total Fit polyamide is an innovative solution for a wide variety of textile applications. Thanks to its special fiber alignment, it provides a great variety of softness levels, comfort stretch and super absorbency, while creating a suede leather effect with less chemical treatment.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Handle and functional effects
  • Durable soft comfort stretch

Suede leather touch

  • Up to 90% chemicals reduction in process
  • Simplified manufacturing process

Super soft touch

  • Peach skin touch without brushing and sanding
  • Blend with any other fibers for more tactile variety

Comfort stretch with 100% polyamide

  • Fully dyeable stretch with better fastness
  • Milder heat setting condition

Superior absorption

  • Inherent moisture management characteristics
  • Excellent wipe for oil and dirt

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