Kompetenzzentrum Trostberg

Trostberg, situated not far from the Chiemsee lake in Upper Bavaria, is the birthplace of modern construction chemistry and, today, a BASF multi sector site: “Construction Chemicals”, “Dispersions & Pigments”, “Performance Chemicals”, “Advanced Materials and Systems Research” as well as “Global Intellectual Property” are all present at the Trostberg site. The 430 strong BASF staff at the site are employed by BASF Construction Solutions GmbH (BCSG), a Trostberg based BASF Group company that also employs another 130 people at the Mannheim and Staßfurt (Saxony Anhalt) sites. BCSG manufactures more than 280 different products in Trostberg and Staßfurt. These range from concrete admixtures and raw materials for concrete admixtures, to additives for filling compounds, plasters and mortars, to products for use in oil and gas production.

Global Research Platform

At the “Construction Materials & Systems” global research and development center, also located at the Trostberg site and part of BASF’s Research Verbund (network), the BCSG experts conduct basic research but also develop products in the fields of construction chemicals, oilfield, water treatment and mining chemicals, and construction systems. BCSG employees also perform tasks across the innovation chain of the Construction Chemicals division; they manage its patent portfolio, or carry out leadership functions for BASF’s Construction Chemicals Europe business segment, which is steered from Mannheim.

Admixtures for concrete

Additives for dry-mortar applications and raw materials for concrete

Superplasticizers, Stabilizers, Rheology modifiers, Redispersible powders, Refractory dispersants, raw materials for concrete

Oilfield additives

Drilling fluids and additives for well-cementing



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