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BASF has been operating in Bangladesh since 1966 under the banner of BASF Pakistan Limited in the then East Pakistan. After the country's independence in 1971, BASF started its operation in the name of BASF Bangladesh Limited (BBL) as a subsidiary of BASF SE.

Today BASF Bangladesh Limited is a leading supplier to textile, leather, pharmaceuticals, paper, paint, plastic & packaging, agro, animal feed, human nutrition and construction segments.

Formed in 2009, BASF Grameen Limited is a social business joint venture between BASF SE and Grameen Healthcare Trust in Bangladesh. The joint venture aims to improve health and business opportunities of low-income communities in Bangladesh. With its commitment to improving public health via a social business joint venture, BASF Grameen is creating value from values.

As a social business venture, BASF Grameen Ltd. serves a social purpose, while covering its own costs and recouping the partners’ initial investment. Any additional profits are reinvested fully in the company.

The key product of the company is Long Lasting Impregnated Mosquito Nets (LLIN), which are sourced from a local production plant and sold and distributed to help protect of rural residents in Bangladesh from insect borne diseases such as Malaria.