Chemistry keeps the wheels rolling

When private automobile traffic took off in the nineteen-fifties, the demand for car tires, as well as bicycle tires, was up significantly. Ever since, BASF’s tackifiers have been used in tire production around the globe.

When it comes to high quality, lightweight and high-performance materials, BASF defines the path for industries. A broad range of amines for rubber chemicals and for the tire industry is part of BASF’s comprehensive portfolio of chemical intermediates. BASF develops, produces and markets these intermediates around the world. 

High performance tackifiers for the rubber industry

Part of BASF's rubber chemicals portfolio are high performance tackifiers for the rubber industry. It is the industry benchmark with regard to superior tack performance, processing flexibility, reliability, high quality and uniformity.

This rubber chemical is successfully applied in the manufacturing of quality and premium tires in OEM, replacement and re-treading as well as industrial and technical rubber goods.

Our customers benefit from our expertise with rubber chemicals which extends back more than 70 years. They also benefit from their outstanding advantages: they provide high initial and long-term tackiness to rubber compounds and are compatible with all current rubber formulations. Tackifiers allow adjustment of tackiness according to the processing needs, thus delivering reliable tack at all desired levels. 

Small beads, big possibilities

BASF produced the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU). The closed-cell, elastic particle foam combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foams, making it as elastic as rubber but lighter.

This polyurethane has heralded a new "puncture-free" era for tires. Its unique properties enable a longer lifespan and high-efficiency damping  to replicate the performance of a traditional tires. The inner tube composed of this material offers more than double the elasticity of current foams at a lower weight. This allows smooth, puncture-free riding for public bikes, regular cyclists,  wheelchairs and even heavier e-bikes.