Chemistry makes the roads safer and more durable

In 2050, nearly ten billion people will live on this planet. The fast-paced lifestyle and increasing urbanization, as well as increased road-based freight transport will require new concepts for construction.

Material-saving, resilient, long-lasting, and easy-to-repair - the list of requirements to be met by the roads and streets of tomorrow is long. To meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s society, BASF offers a broad spectrum of asphalt modifiers and additives that make roads safer and more durable.

Roads of tomorrow

Road-based freight transport across Europe will continue to increase significantly in the future. Sustainability is, therefore, a key issue when it comes to infrastructure. Increasing volumes of traffic and harsh climates necessitate more durable, safer, and more sustainable roads.

The challenges facing the road construction industry are to reduce the time and cost of maintenance, limit construction delays and traffic problems, and to advance occupational safety by minimizing the impact of emissions.

Consequently, the demand for modified bitumen is high, as it provides durable roads by delivering exceptional performance at low temperatures, excellent resistance to high temperatures, low viscosity, and easy mixing properties.

Bitumen additive B2Last® makes roads more durable – and road construction more sustainable

Our asphalt modifiers

Based on our broad road construction portfolio, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art application technology laboratories, we are working on new solutions and innovations that are longer-lasting, more resistant to deformation, more recyclable, and easy to apply.

We offer a wide range of polymer dispersions for asphalt modification that are all designed to enhance the mechanical properties of pavements. Our styrene-butadiene rubbers (SBR) are ideal for hot and cold climates, as they create longer-lasting and more efficient roads. This results in greater durability, increased driving comfort, reduced road maintenance costs, and less impact on the environment.

As the worldwide leader in the supply of asphalt modifiers, BASF always strives to set the industry standard and help customers to meet and exceed national specifications. Thanks to our additives that improve asphalt performance, our customers can easily meet their binder and mix performance requirements.