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Set-up of global research platforms

In 2017, we generated sales of over € 9 billion with products launched on the market in the past five years that stemmed from research and development activities. In the long term, we aim to continue significantly increasing sales and earnings with new and improved products. The basis for these innovations is effective and efficient research and development.

To achieve this ambitious goal, we are further developing the research organization and bundling our competencies in three global platforms:

Advanced Materials & Systems Research

Advanced Materials & Systems Research with headquarters at BASF’s Innovation Campus Asia Pacific in Shanghai.

We develop new structural materials, dispersions, functional materials as well as organic and inorganic additives for a wide range of customers from the automotive, construction, packaging, coatings, home & personal care, pharmaceutical, water and wind industry. 

The stronger presence outside of Europe will create new opportunities for building up and expanding customer relationships and scientific cooperation as well as for gaining access to talented employees. This strengthens the R&D Verbund and makes BASF an even more attractive partner and employer.

Our three global technology platforms are each run from the regions particularly significant for us – Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Together with the development units in our operating divisions, they form the core of our global Know-How Verbund. BASF New Business GmbH and BASF Venture Capital GmbH supplement this network with the task of using new technologies to tap into attractive markets and new business models for BASF.

BASF New Business

We access new growth areas for BASF. We base these activities on social and ecological future trends which open up new market opportunities for the world's leading chemical company.
BASF New Business GmbH concentrates on markets, technologies and solutions in which chemistry has a key function and enables innovations.

Our interdisciplinary and international scouting and evaluation team continuously analyses change processes in today's market and technology environment, identifies new business opportunities and develops the required market strategies.

In this way we drive forward innovative system solutions in the growth areas important for us and our customers, such as energy management, organic electronics and medicine sector and establish them on the market.
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BASF Venture Capital

BASF Venture Capital GmbH is the corporate venture capital company of the BASF Group. We invest in start-up companies and venture capital funds worldwide. Moreover, we support innovative start-ups, both financially and with expert know-how from the BASF Group. In doing so, BASF is opening a window on new technologies.
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Our global network of universities, research institutes and companies forms an important part of our Know-How Verbund. We collaborate with them in many different disciplines. The direct access to external scientific expertise, new technologies and talented minds from various disciplines helps us to strengthen our portfolio with creative new projects.


Collaborations with academia

Collaborations with outstanding scientists are an important source of innovations. This is why we maintain close relations with many universities and research institutes.

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Collaborations with Industry

A few projects that are representative of the numerous cooperative ventures we are pursuing together with our partners from industry are described below.

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