Dr. Melanie Maas-Brunner

Member of the Board of Executive Directors and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of BASF SE

Dr. Melanie Maas-Brunner

Melanie Maas-Brunner was born in Korschenbroich, Germany in 1968. She studied at RWTH Aachen University, passing her PhD in Chemistry in 1995. Before joining BASF in 1997, she worked as Research Assistant at Aachen University, Germany, and University of Ottawa, Canada.

She is responsible for the divisions European Site & Verbund Management; Global Engineering Services; Corporate Environmental Protection, Health, Safety & Quality; Group Research; BASF Venture Capital.

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2021 Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Relations Director, Site Director of BASF Ludwigshafen, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany
2017 President, Nutrition & Health, BASF SE, Lampertheim, Germany
2014 Senior Vice President, Performance Materials Europe, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen
2012 Senior Vice President, Engineering Plastics Europe, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen
2009 Senior Vice President, Polyurethanes Asia Pacific, BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd., Hong Kong
2008 Vice President, Polyurethane Systems Asia Pacific, BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd., Hong Kong
2003 Vice President, Global Strategy, Product and New Business Development for Dispersions and Paper Chemicals, BASF Aktiengesellschaft (since January 14, 2008 BASF SE) Ludwigshafen
2001 Staff to a member of the Board of Executives Directors, BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwigshafen
2001 Plant Manager Business Unit Plasticizers and Solvents, BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Ludwigshafen
1997 Joined BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Research Scientist, Chemical Research and Engineering, Ludwigshafen

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