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BASF helps bring to life the creative ideas of the design community in Asia Pacific. Design aspects play an important role in the success of new products in the region, including color choice, material combination and material finish. Below you can learn about the various services and resources that we offer to the design community.


The BASF Design Center Asia Pacific houses the following services and resources:


Product Spotlight: valure™

valure™ is BASF's innovative, patented transfer coating technology that addresses key industry requirements like brand protection, customization, design flexibility and appealing touch. The technology allows virtually unlimited design flexibility through a laser-engraved mold which can replicate a logo, image or existing structure onto a carrier material.

valure™ can be coated onto paper, plastic, textiles, leather and bonded leather fiber, thus creating the same touch, design, color and feel on all different materials. Being a batch-to-batch process, it is highly recommended for special editions or customized designs and creates exciting possibilities for designing shoes, accessories, packaging, automotive interiors and upholstery.

Products made by using BASF's valure™ technology have low VOC emissions as the top and base coats supplied by BASF are water-based dispersions. Additionally, the transfer coating process is designed to create a micro-porous membrane on the carrier material, the valure™ coating, which is breathable.

valure™ lends a distinctive character to make your world unique - A unique feel, a unique look !