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Printed Organic Electronics

Highly flexible displays, sensors, intelligent packages and much more are finding their way into our daily lives. These new developments have one thing in common: they are enabled by a new generation of electronics, printed organic electronics.

With the aid of this core technology and novel materials, electronic components such as transistors can be printed. In other words, electronics will at some point come out of the printer.

Dr. Seong Han Yu
Head of Sales Organic Electronics
Dr. Heike Pfistner
Head of Marketing and Sales Energy Storage

What is printed organic electronics used for?

Backplanes for flexible displays

Displays that are both, flexible and robust.

Backplanes for printed sensors

High-resolution, large-area sensors that are thin and flexible.

Intelligent labels and packages

Packages that offer more than just brand protection and promotion.

Products and services

We are experts when it comes to materials development, inks production and optimization of application processes. Our portfolio includes all inks required for the manufacture of organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) ‒ semiconductor and dielectric inks as well as those for planarization, passivation and insulation layers.

To help our customers get started, we offer individual inks as well as ink packages. Every package comes with an application guide (Standard Operation Procedure / SOP). We also provide our customers with support in optimizing their processes and together we work on adapting packages.

The inks we offer can be applied by common methods, including slot die and spin coating, gravure and flexographic as well as inkjet printing. Since our products do not have to be processed at high temperatures to achieve their optimum performance, they can be applied directly on flexible and robust plastic substrates.

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