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We market a wide range of BASF products in Ireland. We supply the agricultural sector and leading manufacturing industries.

Our customers include pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers and companies in the cosmetics, plastics, nutrition and speciality chemicals sectors.

Crop Protection in Ireland


Manufacturing in Cork
We develop solutions for metal recovery through our solvent extraction technologies. We work on solutions for the energy-saving, efficient and environment-friendly recovery of metals from ores such as copper, nickel, uranium and vanadium.

We produce a group of specialised reagents designed to extract non-ferrous metals at very high purity levels from their ores by solvent extraction. This technology has both environmental and economic advantages over traditional smelting technologies.

We export LIX® reagents to customers in many countries, including the US, Canada, Peru, Chile, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Australia and China. We recover Alumat, a by-product Aluminium chloride solution, as a saleable product through a combination of recycling, concentration and purification technologies.

The Cork site was established by General Mills, and later acquired by Henkel and Cognis, before it was acquired by BASF in 2010.

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Our office in Dublin

BASF Ireland Financing Platform (BIL) commenced business on October 1, 2018 from its new prime office location in Dublin’s City Quay.

BIL was established to take over the group financing activities of BASF Belgium Coordination Center Comm.

BIL provides intercompany financing to BASF group companies across the globe.  Since many group companies require funding in their home currency, BIL is responsible for providing loans in more than 15 different currencies.

In September 2019 the registered office of BASF Ireland Limited moved from the manufacturing site in Cork to the office in Dublin.

In August 2023 BASF Ireland Limited (company number 42876) was re-registered as BASF Ireland DAC, Asgard House 19-20, City Quay,Dublin, D02 K744, Ireland.

BASF Ireland DAC
Registered Office
Asgard House, 19-20 City Quay
D02 K744, Dublin, Ireland
Registered in Ireland
No 42876

BASF Ireland DAC
Inchera Industrial Estate, Inchera,
Little Island, Cork T45 XY62
BASF Ireland Financing Platform
First Floor, Asgard House
19-20 City Quay, (entrance on Princes Street South),
D02 K744 Dublin, Ireland