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History of BASF in Ireland


On 24 August 2023 BASF Ireland Limited (company number 42876) was re-registered as BASF Ireland DAC, Asgard House 19-20, City Quay, Dublin, D02 K744, Ireland.


On 2 September 2019 the registered offfice of BASF Ireland Limited was transfered from the Cork site to the Dublin office.


New footprint for BASF in Dublin:

BASF Ireland Financing Platform Limited (BIL) commenced business on 1 October, 2018 from its new prime office location in Dublin’s City Quay.

BASF announced that it was expanding the manufacturing plant for its LIX® product range at its Cork site. The LIX® product range of Solvent Extractants is used for hydrometallurgical extraction of copper from oxide ores.  

BASF IBC Admixture Systems Limited ceased trading in March. Admixture sales in Ireland now handled by BASF plc.  

In October, Cognis Ireland Limited, a specialised manufacturer of performance products, became part of BASF Ireland Limited.. The headquarters of BASF Ireland Limited moved to Cork.

BASF IBC Admixture Systems Ltd. 100 per cent BASF owned.

The BASF Group acquired Cognis Ireland Limited, with a site in Cork. The site, established in 1976 to manufacture specialty chemicals for the mining industry, develops solutions for the energy-saving, efficient and environment-friendly recovery of metals from ores such as copper, nickel,  

BASF Ireland Limited moved from Clonee to BASF IBC Admixture Systems Ltd’s Baldoyle site in October.  

BASF IBC Admixture Systems Ltd. badsed in Baldoyle, Dublin, became a BASF Group company in July 2006 (owned 50-50 by BASF Construction Chemicals (UK) Ltd. and IBC Ltd. – Irish Building Chemicals).  

BASF Printing Systems Ireland Limited sold as part of BASF’s global printing systems business.  

BASF acquired the printing dye business of Irish company Punch Holdings Ltd., which was integrated into the newly established BASF Printing Systems Ireland Ltd., Dublin.  

The distributor relationship between BASF and the Irish company Denis Coakley Ltd. established in 1957 was dissolved. Distributorship in Ireland handled by BASF Ireland Ltd., Clonee (near Dublin).  

Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd. changed legal entity status to Denis Coakley Ltd.  

Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd. took over from Allied Colloids as dye distributor.  

New contract signed between BASF and Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd. on the sale of magnetic tapes, chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.

The Harro Buhholz company was disbanded. The BASF dye business went to Allied Colloids. The chemicals business was taken over by Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd.  

Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd. began to distribute BASF fertilizers in Ireland.

Alfred Henry Heine ended his activities for BASF in Ireland. The distribution of dyes and excipients was transferred to Allied Colloids, with headquarters in Bradford (later Belfast).

Bush, Beach & Gent, later Bush, Beach & Segner Bayley, headquartered in London, took over distribution of leather industry products for the Irish market.  

Alfred Henry Heine and Harro Buchholz launched the distribution of BASF products for the leather industry in Ireland.  

1945 - 53
I.G. Farbenindustrie disbanded. BASF and other successor companies established.  

I.G. Dyestuffs Ltd, Belfast and John McWade “Tampico”, Dublin represented I.G. Farbenindustrie’s interests in Ireland.  

The six largest German chemical companies, including BASF, merged to form I.G. Farbenindustrie AG.