Global Compact International Yearbook with article on Sustainable Solution Steering™

September 2015

Global Compact is a business initiative of the United Nations focusing on corporate social responsibility. As a founding member, BASF has supported the UN Global Compact since the year 2000. Companies joining Global Compact commit themselves to align their business strategies with ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor norms, environmental protection, and anti-corruption effort.

The newly released “Global Compact International Yearbook 2015” features the 15th anniversary of the UN initiative as well as the topic Sustainable Development and Voluntary Sustainability Standards. The publication also includes good practice examples of participants. The article by BASF – drawing on the example of actively steering the product portfolio towards sustainability – shows how BASF puts the principles of Global Compact into practice.

With more than 400,000 readers worldwide the yearbook is one of the most distributed CSR publications.

To learn more about Global Compact watch this video. (Source: UN Global Compact)