Supply Chain Sustainability Index Tool wins award

June 2015

A team of employees from BASF’s business unit Care Chemicals North America, in partnership with the Environment, Health and Safety unit, developed a tool that tracks and measures sustainability across the supply chain. For this, the team was recently named the winner of the BASFinternal 2014 Supply Chain Focus Topic Award.

The Supply Chain Sustainability Index measures the sustainability impact of four key components of the Care Chemicals supply chain: disposal, reduction of returns, truck vs. LTL (less than truckload), and air freight vs. ocean. By tracking performance across these four areas, the tool helps illustrate total economic, social, and environmental impacts of the supply chain, and helps point out ways to improve performance.

According to Richard Goldbach, BASF Care Chemicals Supply Chain Management North America, the tool does not only help Care Chemicals reduce its carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, but leads to cost reduction and additional business: “More and more often, customers ask us to demonstrate that we are reducing our environmental impact. This tool gives us precise data to show how we are improving sustainability across our supply chain.”