03 November 2017

Social impact day "Anpacker" in Ludwigshafen-Hemshof was a success

November 3, 2017

The active support of and participation in community life near each location is of great importance to BASF and manifests itself in various support programs. An important cornerstone that helps transform this commitment into reality is the program “Connected to Care” which was established in 2016. Through their participation in the program, employees can assist eligible nonprofit organizations and thereby help transform their neighborhood for the better.

As part of the program, the so-called “Anpacker” took place in Ludwigshafen in September 2017. “Anpacker” means “go-getter” in German – a name given to the company’s annually-held social impact day which has been initiated to give employees a chance to team up with their colleagues and together support the implementation of a large-scale project. This year’s “Anpacker” focused on restoring a public park located in a suburb called Hemshof next to BASF’s headquarters. By working together with the city of Ludwigshafen and various social organizations located in Hemshof, 60 employees of the Crop Protection and the European Site management team succeeded in making the park shine again.

Helpers willing to lend a hand could do so at 17 different stations where they for instance installed a table tennis table as well as devices for outdoor fitness training. Furthermore, several pieces of playground equipment were polished and now look like new. What is special about the “Anpacker” is that people from various backgrounds gather to jointly implement a large-scale charitable project. For example, BASF employees supported young people that belong to a youth organization called “Treff International” in designing their own graffiti-spray painting under the guidance of graffiti artist Philipp Himmel. The social impact day thus also opens up an opportunity to make new encounters, and it strengthens the feeling of community. This time, its goal has been to transform the Hemshof-park into a place where residents of all ages feel at home. The day ended with a final celebration where helpers could recover from the hard day’s work.


Take a look at our slide show to get a flavor of some of the activities that were part of this year’s “Anpacker”

Birgit Hellmann
Global Sustainability Communications
Last Update 08 January 2020