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Paper & Board Manufacturers: Maximize Your Carbon Footprint Reduction and High Performance in One

Sustainability is the new norm - in response to recent legislative changes, environmental concerns, and consumer demand for more stringent packaging grades. To keep up with this exponential growth of sustainability requirements, innovation must be embraced by industries across multiple sectors to create value and entrench themselves amongst their peers. Achieving ambitious eco-friendly goals will ultimately become paramount towards achieving success.


As the market leader and trusted partner in coated paper and board industries, BASF is committed to helping manufacturers reach their sustainability goals with its cutting-edge development - Basonal® PLUS 7988, a high-performance topcoat binder. This novel technology offers an effective solution for fulfilling customer needs while also promoting environmental responsibility.

To reach sustainability goals, a new approach to binder development is needed; one that moves away from conventional solutions reliant on fossil-based feedstock. Unlocking more sustainable alternatives should become the priority moving forward.

As a leading provider of innovative solutions to address today's environmental challenges, BASF has taken a pioneering step towards creating an unprecedented high-performance sustainable binder. Basonal® PLUS 7988 contains renewable feedstock and achieves up to 25% less carbon footprint than conventional fossil-based binders - taking us one giant leap closer to achieving the ultimate goal in sustainability!

BASF’s Innovative Approach

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Carbon Footprint Reduction Results

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Basonal® PLUS 7988 is designed to deliver superior rheological performance, printability, and compliance - all while maintaining an uncompromised coating strength at ~55% solids content--an impressive achievement requiring innovative technology and top-tier R&D capabilities. Repeated tests have confirmed that this special product indeed does provide remarkable properties for users seeking excellent results from their coatings production process, complying with regulations from FDA (US), BfR (Germany) and GB9685(China).

With a commitment to meeting performance requirements and cost competitiveness, BASF introduces Basonal® PLUS 7988 as the right partner of choice for paper and board manufacturers in this competitive industry. With its 10% higher solids content than the market standard, it provides technical as well as commercial advantages – achieving high coating color formulation while maintaining good future cost-effectiveness.


Basonal® Plus 7988 brings to customers:

✓ Binder with optimal content of renewable materials to reduce carbon footprint

✓ Product in line with all compliances which are suitable for food packaging application

✓ Excellent rheological behavior, binding strength, and printability

✓ Enabling customers to run on high-coating color solids formulation

✓ Enhanced Sustainability

✓ Lower Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

✓ Added customer value proposition toward carbon credit

✓ Cost competitiveness

Monomer Composition Styrene and Acrylic based anionic dispersion
Solids Content & pH Solids Content Approx. 55% pH range of 5.5 to 7.5
Glass Transition Temperature Approximately 13º C
Particle Size Distribution Approximately 120 nanometers

Other recommendations:

Basonal® PLUS 7915

We are proud to announce that our latest research and development efforts have led to the creation of a precoat binder that boasts up to 50% higher PCF reduction than the standard fossil-based binder. This cutting-edge product is versatile, suitable for both graphical and packaging applications, and will soon be available for launch.

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